Thank you Food Bank!

Citizen's Advice Food Bank Volunteers holding box of chocolates

Our volunteers are often at the sharp end when people suffer because of the effects of benefit changes and unreliable employment.  People whose benefits have stopped or been delayed, or whose wages have not been paid in full, come to us for help to resolve those problems and sometimes tell us they don’t have enough money for food. We refer them to one of the local Food Banks with a voucher with which they can collect 3 days worth of food. We are constantly grateful for this service so that our advisers can concentrate on helping sort out the problem which caused the lack of money, without worrying that their clients are going hungry. Our volunteers are caring people and have collected a variety of chocolates for the Food Bank staff to put into parcels for families with children for the festive season. We will continue to work with individuals who are affected by reductions in benefits and to use their stories to lobby for improvements for everyone.  Our Research team can be contacted on