We were very pleased to hear that the law courts in North Parade are not now earmarked for closure, following public consultation. We contributed to  this consultation, which, like many of these things, seemed to be very “last minute”.  Our Research Team did a fantastic job of reading the consultation documents, which were hundreds of pages long, devising a questionnaire and surveying clients and members of the public to get their views, analysing the results and submitting our response to the consultation – all in one week! It is very encouraging to get such a positive outcome.

Of course, we can’t take all the credit! We know that the Bath MP, Ben Howlett, and his team also questioned the public and contributed, as many individuals probably did too.

Our conclusion is that it’s definitely worth putting in the effort to find out about the impact of public policy on people and put forward their views in a professional way. Local knowledge was valuable – the Ministry of Justice documents were very misleading on the distances and time it would take to travel between Bath and Bristol for court appearances, so we were able to provide detailed evidence of how wrong they were!

Thanks to the 100 people who answered our questions – you’ve helped to make a difference for everyone else in Bath and North East Somerset.

12 February 2016